Kevin Wilson
Self Portrait Demos and Outtakes


Before Self Portrait was recorded as a full band project most of the songs on CD “9” were recorded as acoustic and guitar only demos on a Yamaha 4-track cassette home studio. Two songs (Young Eyes and While You Were Gone) did not make the cut for inclusion on the Self Portrait CD. Here they are in all their 4-track cassette master glory. Both songs feature the vocals of Wade Black.

  1. Young Eyes
    Written by Kevin Wilson
  2. While You Were Gone
    Written by Kevin Wilson

Out of a band for the first time in 5 years

When Lucian Blaque ended I was convinced it was time to get a real job and be dedicated to something other than music. But, I was not ready to give up on music altogether, just the crazy pursuit of the elusive, almighty record deal and dealing with local club owners. I purchased a Roland XP-50 keyboard workstation thinking that along with my Yamaha 4-Track recorder and guitar gear, I could write and record full band songs at home. I quickly wrote the calypso inspired instrumental Hey Mon (the steel drum sound captivated me for some reason) and then just as quickly got too busy working to write anything else for a few years.

  1. Hey Mon
    Written by Kevin Wilson

Reality Show Intro Song

I was approached by someone with the idea for a reality dating show where the contestants would only see each other’s hands. They could talk and hear each other’s voices but would make decisions based on the appearance of hands only. Sounded crazy but so are a lot of other reality shows, and they needed intro music to make their pitch. If it was picked up they would need numerous other pieces to play into, and out of, commercial breaks. The show never got picked up but here is Hand Pick Your Date, the intro piece I wrote for it.

  1. Hand Pick Your Date - Intro Theme
    Written by Kevin Wilson

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