Lucian Blaque was formed by guitarist Kevin Wilson and drummer Mike Vincelette in the summer of 1990 upon breaking ties with their then current groups. Both of their former bands, Astaroth and Fester respectively, had gained much recognition in the Tampa Bay area, and in the case of Fester, worldwide. The time to take the next step had come.

The pair began writing songs in their rehearsal studio that would soon become the first release from the new band. Their intention from the start was to begin with a quality product and promotional packet that could not be ignored. Recording was to be done at Tampa’s Morrisound Studios. Before recording started John Sherman was added on bass guitar, but when recording began in August on ’90 a session vocalist was hired due to the inability to find the right fourth member.

Six songs that would become Blind Man’s Bluff were complete and packaged when the right man was found. Wade Black, formerly of Tampa Bay area bands Slash Maraud and Templar, become available and stepped in as the band was preparing to release their new product. Wade and Kevin had worked together in Astaroth two years prior and already had an understanding of each other’s styles and work habits. The new voice of metal was ready to speak.

Just prior to the release and first live shows John Sherman had other personal commitments and was replaced by Dave May. The new lineup, which included a second guitarist, began playing live with much success. Promising reviews from several magazines on both the live show and the release helped fuel the bands climb up the ladder.

Late 1991 found the group opening for national act Vicious Rumors as one of its first performances. Early 1992 included in-stores appearances at local record suppliers and a one-hour live show simulcast on local radio station 98 Rock. The year continued with a nomination at the Tampa Bay Music Awards for Best Metal Band.

Judgement: Insanity, the band’s nine-song follow-up, was released in May 1992 and preceded a request to open for Vicious Rumors on their return to Tampa, and also for the reunited Quiet Riot.

The following year saw the replacement of the original second guitarist with Rich Young. This new line-up caught a showcase spot for the Southeast Music Conference and inclusion on the compilation tape. A showcase spot was also secured for the Jammie Fest, an Orlando awards banquet, that allowed the band an opportunity to make a huge impact on a crowd previously unaware of them at a large venue owned by Jani Lane of Warrant. The night definitely belonged to them. Opening performances for Spread Eagle, Savatage and Strutter (the KISS tribute band), the latter two on the same night in different cities, also followed.

Adding Curt Hanks on bass marked another personnel change in mid ‘93. A return trip to the studio soon followed and the Live @ Morrisound tapes were born. This tape with all new songs was released to Lucian Blaque’s fan club for input from its fans.

The song “Fear From the Inside”, previously released on Judgement: Insanity, was chosen to be included on California’s Rodell Records’ Raw Cuts Premiere, a twenty-artist national compilation CD that was to be distributed to larger record labels throughout the United States. According to Rodell Records’ President Adam Rodell in a national press release for the CD, Lucian Blaque was chosen because “influences of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and other metal monsters really ring true here. Lucian Blaque is highly potent metal”. “Fear From the Inside” was chosen from among two thousand artist entries.

1994 continued to be a very busy and high-profile year for the group. Kevin was nominated for Best Guitarist at the ’94 Tampa Bay Music Awards and the band ripped through a showcase spot at the awards show. An opening slot for Cry of Love was soon followed by a Lucian Blaque sponsored show that included other well-known locals acts such as Crush (former members of Crimson Glory) and the national act Trixter.

Soon the band would find themselves changing personnel again. Original bassist John Sherman rejoined the band along with a new second guitarist. New material was written and along with the best from the Live @ Morrisound session a new studio project was started. The resulting material was released once again to the fan club first as Electronic Prophet. After being used within the local industry as well, the band received a nomination at the 1994 Tampa Bay Metal Awards for best metal band.

April 1995 found the members of Lucian Blaque parting ways at what seemed the beginning of good times to some, but was ultimately the result of broken hopes of a recording contract and an increasingly tougher job of finding live venues to perform in. The voice of metal went silent.

Kevin left the Tampa Bay area for Phoenix, Arizona and began writing and recording solo material that is outlined on this website.

Wade Black has been the most visible member in the recording industry. Wade performed the vocals on Crimson Glory’s Astronomica CD and European tour. He also handled vocal duties for Seven Witches on their third release Xiled to Infinity And One and following tours as well as a CD and tour for Leatherwolf. More recently he has written and sang for St. Petersburg area bands Clockwork Revolution, War Of Thrones, and a Judas Priest tribute band called The Priest.

In the five years that Lucian Blaque was in existence over two hundred and fifty live performances were delivered, three local releases were made available, with a fourth released only to the sizable fan club they had garnered, and national and world-wide notoriety was gained. The band was nominated for Metal Band of the Year three years running at the Tampa Bay Metal Awards as well as two consecutive nominations at the Tampa Bay Music Awards. Kevin was nominated once for Metal Guitarist of the Year.

Kevin signed a publishing deal with Fervor Records/Vintage Masters Publishing exclusively for the songs written by only him during the Lucian Blaque days. To date they have made 9 placements in movies and TV shows. These are noted on the Soundtrack Credits page.

Lucian Blaque - Mean Machine
Lucian Blaque - Battleground
Lucian Blaque - Blind Mans Bluff
Lucian Blaque - Running AD
Lucian Blaque - Gene Pool