Kevin Wilson
Classical Compilation


While at Morrisound Recording laying down tracks for what would become Lucian Blaque’s first two releases, I took a scheduled night in the studio that was going to be cancelled and recorded the classical guitar compositions I had been learning and working on. It was good to hear these pieces from a listener standpoint. This may have been one of the quietest nights ever at Morrisound.

Track Listing

  1. Spanish Romance
    Written by Anonymous
  2. Dee
    Written by Randy Rhoades
  3. Bouree
    Written by Bach
  4. Klassisk Romance
    Written by Ronni Le Tekro
  5. Lagrima
    Written by Tarregg
  6. Minuet
    Written by Purcel
  7. Kemp's Jig
    Written by Anonymous
  8. Minuet in G
    Written by Bach
  9. Bianco Fiore
    Written by Negri
  10. Fantasy Serenade
    Written by Rik Emmett

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