• Slow Dance - From the Warhorse CD
  • Tell Me What You Want - From the Karma CD
  • I Do It Anyway - From the Thieves Among Us CD
  • 16 Days - From the Rise Up CD
  • The World Will Always Turn - From the Warhorse CD
  • I'm A River - From the Karma CD
  • Going to See You - From the Thieves Among Us CD
  • Trouble - From the Rise Up CD
  • September Goes - From the Warhorse CD
  • Get Over It - From the Karma CD
  • Said It All - From the Thieves Among Us CD

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Kevin Wilson Music

Kevin Wilson Music

After receiving his first guitar at age 13, in his birth place of Indianapolis, IN Kevin began learning chords from his father, a respected country guitarist and vocalist in the local community, as well as from his first Mel Bay chord book.

Fast forward to St. Petersburg, Florida, where the family had relocated. Kevin found himself among a group of high school friends who all played guitar and concentrated on songs by Led Zeppelin, Rush, AC/DC and the popular southern rock bands of the Southeast such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackfoot and Molly Hatchet.

At age 15 Kevin began lessons from one of the areas most respected instructors, Joe Braccio. Kevin’s main influences on guitar were Michael Schenker, Randy Rhodes and Rick Medlocke.

Kevin co-founded his first original rock band, Liar, at age 17 and played his first live show at the age of 18. This band lasted for three years and Kevin was a main contributor of songs.

Kevin then co-founded Astaroth which picked up where Liar left off. Astaroth was in existence a little over three years and during this time Kevin served as main songwriter as well as co-management. Classical guitar was studied during this time to broaden Kevin’s musical knowledge.

When Astaroth disbanded Kevin co-founded Lucian Blaque. The first order of business was to assemble the best songs and immediately head into Morrisound Recording Studio and release a six song EP. Fifteen songs were recorded at the same time so a nine song full length release was ready shortly thereafter. Read More